Groupmail Recently added features

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Groupmail recently added some new features. Here are some of them:

  • Faster and easier email list import
  • Up to 3 delivery connection for fast email
  • 108 HTML template library
  • Option to send direct email - No SMTP required
  • Manage more than one email list
  • Powerful feature like database linking
  • Easily manage bounce messages and subscribers
  • Share group with multiple users
  • Schedule message to send automatically when you are away
  • Add social media profiles and twitter follows button
  • Spam score check

Start liking it! To check these features in detail visit Groupmail.

Groupmail new features

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Latest version of Groupmail launched new features, which is as follows:

  1. Improved email newsletter and autoresponder software
  2. Easy to create and send mail mail software
  3. No monthly cost or email fees
  4. Create any number of marketing list and contact
  5. Import recipients from any data source and manage subscription
  6. All of your customer data is securely safeguarded
  7. Better reporting and tracking of Email campaign 
  8. Easy integration with CRM tool like MS Access,Excel, Outlook, SQL server etc
  9. Create your own html design or choose existing design template

GroupMail Upgrade Protection and New Software Releases

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GroupMail Upgrade Protection and New Software Releases

GroupMail was developed back in 1996 when everyone needed an email marketing application and couldn’t find anything on the market that would get the job done effectively. Since then, GroupMail has evolved over the years in line with its customers’ requirements and industry changes to be one of the leading email marketing software programs on the market. Today, almost 15 years later, GroupMail is used in over 160 countries around the world and available to install in four languages (English, Spanish, French and German.)
Each year, GroupMail adds new features, email templates, Add-ons (i.e. email-to-SMS, Outlook toolbar, Subscriber list management tool, Tweaker, etc.) enhanced functionality, improvements in user interface and compatibility improvements when new operating systems or email standards change.
Much of our development work for groupmail is driven by their customers. That is one of the feature and advantage of Groupmail.
Due to the nature and need for regular software development in today’s ever-changing technological landscape, GroupMail offer customers the ability to download updates and new releases (even major releases) from their website by providing the option of renewing Upgrade Protection on their license each year. When you first order GroupMail, your purchase includes a full year of Upgrade Protection, which gives you access to download updates and new releases to the software when they are published during the first 12 months. You can renew the Upgrade Protection on your license each year if you would like to continue to have access to download updates and new software releases from our website after the first year.
Upgrade Protection is optional, and your software will continue to work whether you renew it each year or not.
Chk out Groupmail now.

New GroupMail Release for Windows 7

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If you are not aware the new version of GroupMail for Windows 7 has been released.
Theyhave a new release of GroupMail (version that supports Windows 7, for people using GroupMail Personal/Business Editions or Marketing Pack the new version is available for download.
The GroupMail :: Free Edition is available for download here.
Aside from the new OS support not an awful lot to shout about in the new version, a few bug fixes including an update that resolves a number of problems when deleting recipients / processing opt-outs when your mailing list is stored in an external database (e.g. SQL Server/MySQL etc).
So unless your upgrading to Windows 7, not too many reasons to upgrade your version of GroupMail. They are aiming to have a more substantial release out in the next few weeks with a number of exciting additions/improvements - I’ll post more details on these separately.

Group Mail From Infacta Review- Email Marketing and Newsletter Software

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Mass Email and Newsletter Software - GroupMail 5 From Infacta- Review

GroupMail is perfect if you need to send personalized messages and email marketing campaigns to a group of recipients. Group Mail is very well suited for larger mailings.

With the multi award winning GroupMail range of products you can take the effort out of your marketing, bulk email and mobile SMS text message requirements with complete ease and total peace of mind.

Email is without doubt the most important Internet technology available, with that in mind you need to make sure that you have the right tools available if you want to use it for your benefit.

With GroupMail you can easily
  • Send highly formatted professional messages that are personalized for each of your recipients
  • Manage an unlimited number of fully customizable groups/lists with an unlimited number of recipients in each
  • Keep your valuable recipient details private and completely secure.
  • Run and maintain CAN-SPAM compliant Newsletters with powerful automated subscription, removal and filtering support
  • Handle bounces automatically and verify recipients with ease
  • Send messages directly to your recipients from your desktop, or through a dedicated e-mail server using multiple connections. Works with MSN and practically all corporate email systems
  • Send personalized wireless mobile SMS text messages to recipients using our unique free Email to SMS gateway tool
  • Prepare and schedule messages for delivery any time in the future
  • Prepare and send your messages in practically any language and with any encoding
  • Fully control and target your mailings with powerful filters, in-line message scripting, reply management controls, customizable headers and in-depth logging & reporting
  • Work with existing customer lists, data and information in practically any format (databases, files - including CSV, address books and more)
  • Do follow-up mailings with precision, resume from failures with complete peace of mind and have access to all send related details in highly defined reports and logs
  • Extend functionality through a growing range of add-ons

GroupMail has tons of features to help you create an effective email campaign. To begin, just select your server type, either DNS or SMTP, then the program wizard will quickly guide you through the set up process.
You can make your email list manually by entering each name or import them from an Excel spreadsheet. Both GroupMail Standard and the Professional version are equipped to handle a list of unlimited email addresses.

Group Mail offers four versions... Free, personal and business and marketing. Download and try the Free version to test the software. If you have a very small mailing list, the free version may be adequate, but it lacks the advance feature that makes Group Mail stand out above the competition

Group Mail Free
  • Personal Send Mode only
  • Address Book Import SupportLimited
  • No Plug-in support
  • Send to a max of 100 recipients at a time

Group Mail Personal
  • Bulk Sending Capabilities
  • Direct Sending (doesn't use your ISP's mail server)
  • Import address books and distribution lists from Outlook Express, Eudora, Opera 6, AOL 7, and Netscape
  • Free Plug-ins
Group Mail Business
  • All the Group Mail Pro features plus...
  • Send Mobile SMS Text Messages
  • Sends MUCH faster
  • Import Outlook, Group Wise, Lotus Notes, Exchange and PINE address books and distribution lists
  • Import directly from any ODBC or OLE DB/ADO compatible database
  • Free Plug-ins

GroupMail Marketing Pack

  • Everything in GroupMail Business Edition plus...
  • Track who opened your emails and what links they clicked on
  • Measure and analyze your results with real-time data
  • Collect subscribers from your website easily
  • Automate unsubscribe/subscribe contacts
  • Create, send and track your surveys
  • Ask an unlimited number of survey questions
  • Customize your survey with your own
  • color scheme and logo
  • Export all tracking/survey data for analysis
Price and Purchase information

Four important feature which are missing in Free Edition:

  • Does not Works With Popular Address Books
  • Cannot handle Automated Subscription and Bounce Handling
  • 3rd Party Database Integration is not available
  • No Real-Time Analytics, Click Tracking & Open Rates
My Personal Experience:

For 99% of users, Group Mail will servemore than handle all their email newsletter needs. This software has saved countless hours on business’s email newsletter maintenance. The software easily subscribes new recipients (or they can be directly imported from any current database in minutes), remove insubscribes, deletes spam email addresses and even allows you to write messages in the program with the help of a free plug-in. Its logs system is also amazing, you can see how many succeeded, failed, and how many unsubscribed members you have.
Not only that, but Group Mail sends two-part MIME messages so you don't have to worry about whether or not your readers have capablity to handle HTML emails. If they can't, they'll redirected to text version automatically! This is a very useful feature for anyone who’s serious about their mailing list. It’s much easier than managing two separate email lists: one for HTML and one for text only.
You may be thinking that the program must be overly complex to contain all these features. But surprisingly Group Mail is easy to install and even easier to learn. It’s comprehensive, easy-to-use interface had make emailing in minutes! I didn’t have to read one page of the documents. It’s simple -- just set up a sender, an email list, and create an email!
Some Cons:Well after using Groupmail for long time only problem I can see is you must install Groupmail on a local PC, so you can't used it elsewhere.While sending mails or newsletter to thousand of users , your PC may slowdown a bit, so best time to use it at night when you don't have any other work on PC.
Group Mail has won so many awards a few are ZDNet Editor’s Pick, Freeware Guide’s Program of the Month, Cool Tool Award and Tucows 5x Cows Award. You can see a lot of awards and testimonial at their site.So it seems I am not only love this product.

Latest news

Is GroupMail available for Mac Users?

Unfortunately GroupMail do not have a native version of GroupMail available for the Mac platform at the moment. However - all is not lost!
If you are running a Power PC based Mac (OS 9 or OS X) then you can run GroupMail via a Windows Emulator like Virtual PC. If you are Group Mail will run on a Mac as long as you have a Windows Emulator such as Virtual PC installed. More information on Virtual PC can be found here.
If you using an Intel based Mac then unfortunately Virtual PC isn’t an option for you (yet). However, there is a better solution and it’s called Parallels and it’s fantastic (I used it myself on my new shiny macbook). Find out more about Parallels here.
Please note that both of these solutions will require you to install a copy of Windows. It is highly recommend Windows XP at the moment. It’s not as resource hungry and works well under emulation. The latest version of Parallels offers some very sweet integration with OS X and makes running Windows Apps on the Mac a doddle. Every Mac user should get this software.

Infacta’s GroupMail Wins Silver Medal in 2008

GroupMail was developed in 1996. Over the years It has gone from strength to strength in line with customer requirements and, as evidenced in Top 10 Reviews 2008 comparative review of email marketing software, enjoys a top spot in the industry today.

We’re really proud of it. You can download GroupMail Free Edition at no cost and use it as long as you want. Or you can read about the various GroupMail editions to see which best suits your more advanced email marketing needs.
Note: We might have enjoyed the Gold Medal if some of the features that were unchecked in the review were corrected. For example:
  • GroupMail is fully compatible with Windows Vista
  • GroupMail does allow you to change background colors, language character sets, etc.
  • GroupMail does allow you to remove duplicate emails and by default doesn’t allow duplicates to be imported.
  • GroupMail can remove unsubscribe and bounced emails from your list.
  • GroupMail’s Subscriber Add-on does keep a history of unsubscribes and bounces.
  • We do have phone support in the US and Ireland.
  • We do have a full online tutorial library (FAQs), video tutorials and two blogs updated regularly.
  • GroupMail is compatible with Windows Server 2003
  • GroupMail can be installed on a Mac (with Parallels)
All in all, GroupMail is a leader in email marketing software and continues to evolve with our customer requirements and industry standards.
Below are some of the Clients of GroupMail5 according to website :

ACD Systems
Ask Jeeves
ATI Technologies
Cisco Systems
Dell Financial Services
Fuji Photo Film USA
Future Publishing Ltd.
Gartner Group
Global Knowledge
Hilti Corporation
IDG, International Data Group
John Galt
Jupiter Media Metrix
Motorola, Inc.
MTV Networks
Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd

NEC Technologies
Poor Richard
Portland State University
Siemens AG
SMC Networks, Inc.
The Council of State Governments
The State Bar of California
Thomas Edison State College
Time Warner Cable
University of California
University of Delaware
University of Manitoba
University of New Orleans
University of Pittsburgh
University of Toronto
University of Vermont
University of Waterloo
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Victoria University
Virgin Holidays
Weber State University
Zomax Inc.